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Excel Modeling Program


By the end of this training program in Advance Excel, you will be able to:

• Use advanced functions

• Create Lookups and data tables

• Manage large lists of data

• Create and use PivotTables & PivotCharts

• Export and import data

• Analyse data effectively

• Create basic macros

• Create drop-down lists forms

• Filter database

Course Contents

Excel Basics with Formula writing

Introducing Excel & Managing Worksheets

• Using Relative & Fixed Cell References

• Formatting cells, rows, columns, numbers & Conditional Formatting

• Copying and Paste Special Options

Using Formulas & Functions

• Using Statistical Functions such as Count, Counta, Countblank, Countif, Countifs, Sumif, Sumifs, Sumproduct, Average, Averagea, Averageifs, Median, Mode, Geomean, Stdev, Var, Slope, Intercept, Normsdist, RSQ, COVAR, Correl, Max, Min, Small and Large

• Using Logical Functions like If, And, Or and performing multiple conditions with Nested If.

Writing Complex Formulas with Model Building Approach

Using Formulas & Functions

• Using Text functions like Left, Right, Mid, Concatenate, Upper, Lower, Proper, Len

• Using Text to Column Feature

• Using Date & Time functions like Today, Now, Day, Month, and Year

• Using Mathematical Functions such as ABS, Rand, Round

• Using Vlookup, Offset

• Using Financial Functions

• Functions such as PV, FV, Rate, NPV, PMT, IRR, XIRR and XNPV

Working with Range and Naming Conventions

• Applying a Name to a cell or range of cells

• Modifying and Deleting the names

Using Advanced Excel Features

Playing with Data

• Using Inbuilt Lists and creating custom lists

• Using Sort to Arrange data alphabetically or through customized order

• Using Sort to Arrange data either vertically or horizontally

• Extracting data by using Custom Filters & Advance Filters

• Importing the data from different application to Excel

• Removing duplicate records from the database

• Linking the sheets and workbook through Hyperlinks

• Representing the Data graphically using through various Chart Types such as Column Chart, Bar chart, Line Chart, Pie chart and Scatterchart.

• Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Advance Data Handling

• Designing the Forms for the user using Data Validations

• Preparing dropdown lists to fill up a form

• Protecting and Sharing the Worksheets & Workbooks

Analyzing Data by Data Analytical Tools

• Performing What If Analysis by using Data tables and Scenarios Manager

• Using Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts- Creating and Modifying a Pivot Table Layout, Creating Groups, Inserting a Calculated Field and Representing data through Pivot Charts

• Using Goal Seek and Solver

Introduction to Macros

• Recording, Editing & Deleting of Macros


• A matriculation pass students with medium of instruction as English

• Anyone who has keen interest into model building approach are also eligible to apply

Excel Modeling Admission Process


(a) Prospectus with Application Form Applicants are required to fill up the application form and send/submit it to ‘Admission Officer-MSOB MBA Admission office’, to MSOB Delhi Campus. The self attested copies of educational mark sheet are to be enclosed along with the application form.

Application forms are available at MSOB Delhi Campus.

(b) Application Form request • Applicants can download the application form request, complete it and send it to the ‘Admission Officer- MSOB MBA Admission office’ to Delhi, along with the demand draft of 100/- . (DD in favor of "Educomp Raffles Higher education Ltd." payable at Delhi) towards the cost of prospectus. Or • Applicants can create a self 'application form request' by giving following details in a plain white sheet a ) Full Name b) email for correspondence c) Contact number – mobile and landline d) Course applied for e) Complete Postal address (for sending prospectus) f) DD details . Please attach a demand draft of 100/- (DD in favor of “Educomp Raffles Higher education Ltd.” payable at Delhi) towards the cost of application form and send it to the ‘Admission Officer- MSOB MBA Admission office’ to Delhi campus.