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The need for specialized knowledge at today’s Business Schools

by Sameeksha Khanna 11. July 2011 18:05

As Indian economy grows to beyond 9 % and also the number of jobs, there was a demand generated for better and qualified managers by the Business world. The Business Management degrees (MBA, BBA) etc as a result of the economy and the IT boom flourished a lot in this environment and led to thousands of people studying business degrees as a result.  With the increasing competition for jobs throughout the world, being driven by the expansion of the information economy and the encompassing nature of the global economy; where advancements in workplace arrangements and telecommunication technology has empowered individuals to work in a range of environments and nations in their given professions. The value of business management is well established in all commercial operations, with the employment of experienced and knowledgeable management staff as a key prerequisite for their success. As a result, the demand of managerial staff has risen sharply. In response to this, the number of business management degrees being offered has increased simultaneously; to provide a stream of suitably qualified personnel to fill the available managerial positions both nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, the entrepreneurial spirit in today's youth is strong and enduring. However, this enthusiasm must be matched with the necessary knowledge and techniques employed by successful managers throughout the world. Leading educational institutions offering business management degrees enable those aspiring to secure positions with associated stature, responsibility and financial reward, the necessary qualifications to do so.

Those students who have successfully completed an accredited business management degree have dramatically increased their employment prospects. Many employers now will only consider those prospective employees who have been awarded a respected business management degree. This provides individuals with a significant advantage in the job marketplace, as they will be placed in a more favorable position than those who have not. Furthermore, studies have shown that those who have a degree earn more in the marketplace and have a greater opportunity for career advancement. The specific skills and courses studied are deemed of real value to the business; with those skills being utilized to increase the productive capacity and bottom line profits of the operation concerned.

Business management degrees and specifically MBA is one of the most popular tertiary educational courses throughout the world. This is due to the real value that is associated with such a qualification and the advantage it provides holders in the marketplace to secure a rewarding position, both intrinsically and extrinsically. The majority of business management degrees cover essential areas of business operations, including commerce, accounting, operational management, financial planning, business strategy, information technology, entrepreneurship and marketing. Students attending Business Schools  for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of a business management degree will not only learn specialized managerial and business knowledge, but learn skills that are considered universally valuable in a wide range of positions and industries.

An example of this is that at MAPS group of institutions, students learn not just Business cases and books but also hands on industry training, SAP/ERP courses etc which makes them more specialized and thus more employable.

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