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Keeps your Clients Close and Connected in Lean Phase

by Sameeksha Khanna 4. April 2012 23:30

If you are running a business of your known, you know how important the clientele is. If the clients are not happy, the business suffers. In an effort to keep the clients happy, it’s also important that you know them all, and keep updated too. If in case, you have to face a lean period do not go dormant and lose al contacts, in fact, you have all the more reason to charge up and keep your client base intact. 

When in lean period, it is very important that you commit to gathering names with the contact details of each and every client you have worked with. Also of those who might have shown interest in your business at any point in past, should also be researched well. Even if they are not buying your stuff immediately, make sure you know about their needs and demands. 

Then, it is very important that you follow up on all the information you have and stay in touch with the clients. Even if you are busy, figure out ways to stay in the clients’ minds. You may draft an email newsletter for the purpose. This is not only cost-effective but also saves time and money.  Further, it is important that you stop trying to be absolutely perfect. If you think you are not up to that level they expect and stop pursuing the clients, it is a big mistake. It is always better to do something, rather than do nothing at all.

Measure your success in a different manner. Don’t just measure the profits and the losses you made and infer where you stand. The size of the active client list you have and the goodwill you enjoy in the market is also a measure of how successful you are. Remember, the more clients know you and trust you, the better your future would be. 

If you observe these simple pointers, there is nothing stopping you from that great success you so deserve. 




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