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A Testimonial from the Student of MAPS on his experience

by Sameeksha Khanna 23. March 2012 04:43

Well!! My story is bit different from a typical student life. Ok… lets begin with the testimonial, but before that I would like to introduce myself, My name is Vivek Kumar Anand. I can be a called as a egoist person, as it was my thinking that I am the best .The reason behind it was that till then I had already achieved what many people still aspire of. Even before being graduate, I started a company named "identity designing" – identitydesigning.com (Within a year was in the list of the top 10 website designing companies in Delhi) and gradually its turned into Anand Group of Companies. Everything went fine until I took one wrong decision which resulted in huge loss and I was back with only Identity Designing. 

That was the time when I got to realize that having the basic hit and trial knowledge is not sufficient for becoming a successful entrepreneur Thus started my search for a good b-school, so that I can learn the secret and fundamental of business. 

Because of being in web designing professional, I had a lot of contacts with b-schools and the people working there. I could have taken direct admission in any of those . But what I needed was quality education. Best in class, which could be as per my expectation. 

And one fortunate day, I came to know about Millennium academy of professional studies.

Strange part is that, when I started my professional career with EIILM university delhi branch, educomp was just our neighboring building having great infrastructure. When I came to know that educomp has started its management school, I started searching for its details.Coincidently,one of my friend, Joy worked here in educomp.When i approached him and he said “ this is the best school I can recommend for you” (Let me tell you that before this he has worked with many other b – schools, but had never suggested me to take admission in any of them)..

but there was a problem, maps admission criteria was too tough for me. I need to be eligible with a respected mat/cat score , that somehow I managed to score, and then I needed to clear the interview round, and I can say I was very fortunate that my last round of interview was with Mr. Harpreet sir ( director MAPS) during our interview I shared my vision with him, and I was surprised to know that not only the faculty is world class but they even support entrepreneur vision like mine with seeding money of upto Rs. 1 Crore.

As I mentioned earlier, my only motive was to get quality education, so I joined maps. 

And let me tell you, what I am getting here Is much more than what I expected, faculty , guest lectures, placement, exposure etc is world class and you must have noticed that in the very beginning I have mentioned that “I WAS” a very egoistic person .its because that person has completely changed, for, today I know what business is,what people have achieved,and at what level I stood,how little had I covered and how far I have to explore.

Thanks to MAPS. Now I can see my way ahead clearly… :)


NOTE FROM MAPS : Our student Vivek just affirms our commitment to excellent management education. On behalf of team MAPS , we wish him all the best for his career ahead.


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