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Must for a B-Schooler - How to improve Management Skills

by Sameeksha Khanna 25. April 2012 21:06

No matter if you are a businessman, supervisor or a manager, everyone needs to have good management skills in order to rai8se the productivity of the employees. While most steps to master the skills are simple, they need practice and dedication to excel at them. 

To be a good manager you need to have a certain level of awareness and skills like good communication, time management, training, hiring people, motivating and personal evaluation. You also need to work a lot on the interpersonal skills you share with the employees. Remember, to be a good manager your own personal motivation should be open to any changes required. There should be a self awareness of your own weaknesses and strengths along with the challenges that you have to face. Know how to communicate with the employees and use it to good effect. Use it to motivate them to perform better in the tasks assigned to them. 

You can develop your ability to motivate them by being able to listen well. Hear them out patiently and then respond in a mature manner. Never lose your patience, never rush to reply. Show respect and gain it too. Try to negotiate fair solutions. If you come down to a solution on a mutual ground, nothing can be better. Give them reasonable deadlines and ask them to respect it. Realise and appreciate the efforts of the team, project and each member. 

Offer support whenever required and add to the positive atmosphere. Respect their viewpoint and encourage discussions. Give them targets, assign duties and ask for feasible responsibilities. Reward and appreciate honest efforts. Try being creative when rewarding the employees. 

Lastly, care for them. If you care the members of the team will be able to relate with the project in a more personal manner. This will also help them work with better vigour and creativity of they are comfortable within the group. Help make them realise their own potential and see how they work towards meeting the targets set. 







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