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Guest Lecture on Retail Banking and Opportunities at MSOB Bangalore Campus

by MSOB 16. January 2014 08:35

On 30th October 2013, we had a guest lecture with Mr. Joshi Paul Veliyath, VP & Circle Head from HDFC bank. 

Our College Director Mr. Prakash welcomed Mr. Joshi with a bouquet and Ms. Pragati introduced him to us by going through his profile that includes his educational qualification, work experience, gradual development in his career as a regional manager, national and international publications etc.         Mr. Joshi started his lecture with what is banking, types of banking in particular retail banking. He explained the process where retail banking functions in real life situations. 

Mr. Joshi briefed about the various career opportunities in finance and banking domain, he also dealt about credit and debit card flaws with his real life examples. 

He showed us motivational and inspirational videos such as Bhag Milka Bhaag trailer that says never give up in any kind of situation. Similarly he showed some more video  clips that are inspiring and also quotes in each and every slide. Then he explained how to prepare for competitive exam and interview by giving HDFC bank as an example. Finally Director presented a memento. Such guest Lectures certainly help us in knowing what the industry expects from the MBA Graduate and how to prepare for the future.

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