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The 3 Channels which form the base of Social Media Marketing

by Sameeksha Khanna 30. December 2011 22:02

Social Media Marketing has become the buzz word in the global flat world today. A time when more than 2 billion people have access to the internet. We are more globally social than we were ever before. Brands having realized this are now begun to leverage the power of Social Media to drive Brand awareness, sales and aggressively track their online Reputation management. For Marketers, a great social Media plan has to include the four basic channels of leveraging the maximum out of your audience.

1.  Social Networking - Facebook and Twitter as Social platforms become the heart and soul of the Social Media plan. Whether it be sharing tips, updating statues or communication of a brand, Facebook and twitter and way ahead of the pack. An essential plan can never overlook these two platforms and Social Networking as a channel while devising a foolproof plan.

2. Forums/Community oriented platforms - One of the other great ways of participating in Social Media is to use forums. Forums generally are very audience specific for example that of MBA students discussing their admissions, or that Java technicians sharing their knowledge. As a channel it cannot be ignored although before using this channel, what, who to target, which forum to be used etc should be answered.

3. Social Bookmarking - This is a clever way to essentially give your content more votes and improve its ranking on the search engines. Simply use a bookmarking site such as Digg or Reddit to bookmark a link to an article can instantly improve your rank on Google or Bing.

All said and done Social Media Marketing and Networking although an excellent tool is a technique that requires patience, balance and careful strategy. There is hard work and hands on experience involved in getting your audiences at the right place at the right time and talking all great about your product.


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