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How to be a top-notch manager from an MBA

by Sameeksha Khanna 27. April 2012 19:35

It is fairly easy to be a successful manager if you know the rules of the trade. Here’s help:

Set very clear and precise standards and always model them. Tell the employ-

ees what s expected of them and make them understand their responsibilities in advance. This also helps them brainstorm and develop new ideas.

Be what you are; never step in someone else’s shoes. Create your own identity among the employees. 

Share the objectives of the department with the staff. Ask them for their views and how they can achieve them. Also, encourage them to discuss and create new ideas. Involving them in this will only lead to better understanding of the targets and prospects. 

Bring in new rituals for the entire team. This also helps in motivating them and keeps them excited. This also leads to team building in any ways. 

Hold team reviews regularly to keep updating the team on their good points as well as shortcomings. Talk to each and every person personally and explain what you expect of them. Appreciate whenever required, and guide if necessary. 

Realise and appreciate the expertise of the staff. If the team is exceptionally good at something, acknowledge that and tap it to the best. 

Give feedback, but openly. This allows you to be transparent and honest. 

Encourage your team to be creative and innovative. Let them experiment and try new ways of approaching the target. 

Remember, leading and managing are two different things. In order to be successful, you need to be good manager as well as a good leader. If you lead well, the team will be full of positivity and work with full vigour.

If you make a mistake, admit it. This will only increase your respect in the eyes of your team. 

Develop your own self too. While you lead and train your team, it is important to work on your weaknesses too side by side. Read books, update yourself on various ways to motivate your team. You can also enrol in for some e-learning. 

In the end, remain a friend to the staff so that they can discuss problems with you. If you are accessible and approachable, the team would be able to relate with you better and hence work better. 


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