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Tips for B-Schoolers to be Successful managers and Avoid Mistakes

by Sameeksha Khanna 14. May 2012 06:43

You might be successful manager, but there are always some guidelines that help to remain one. Following are some common management mistakes that you wouldn’t want to make. 

Do not policies before people. It is important have flexibility with both the company and the employees. This can make you lose loyal and honest employees and customers, both. 

You need to have strong communication skills to lead the team effectively. Your failure to do the same can lead to losses. The employees need to know what is to be expected of them and what are the targets. 

Be a good listener. If you don’t listen to your employees, there will be no effective management. Understand their concerns, demands and needs to lead them well. To show you have heard the, you can rephrase and repeat what they have told you. 

Know the answers that they give. This is important because they look up to you in times of distress and that is when you need to have the solutions to their queries. 

Be positive and see the bright side of things. Try to bring out a positive result of everything that is done to motivate the employees. See the glass half full than half empty. 

Do not shift responsibility on others. Learn to take the onus of what is being done. The blame games and shirking of responsibility only brings you in poor light. 

Never show favouritism. Once you show this, you will lose your credibility in the team. Treat everyone equal and give equal opportunities to all. 

Explain all things carefully and clearly to all employees. They need to know all details before they start working on the project assigned. 

Do not rely completely on technology like emails. Personal discussions and phone chats also help in achieving the tasks within deadline. 

Lastly, be open to change. If you are too stringent about policies, there are chances there will be no growth in the team at all. 


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