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Christmas week at MSOB

by MSOB 31. December 2012 11:33

When all of us were small kids we all heard stories of Santa Clause.So it was 14th December when Christmas was soon to come and the faculty of the college Millennium School of Business planned to initiate a game among the students to increase the fun of the Christmas week. This game started
from 17th December,2012.The game was named as “The Christ Game”. In this game there were two characters “The Santa” & “The Christ Child”. A bowl was kept in which chits were there which had name of all the students. Each student had to pick up a chit from the bowl which had a name written over it. The name that was picked had to be kept as a secret and was mandatory to disclose it to any of the friend. The person who picked up the chit became the Santa and the person whose name was picked became the Christ child. Then the days were set as follows:

  • 17th December’12 (Monday)- Complement Day
  • 18th December’12 (Tuesday)- Advice Day
  • 19th December’12 (Wednesday)- Flower Day
  • 20th December’12 (Thursday)- Chocolate Day
  • 21st Decenber’12 (Friday)- Gift Day   


Santa had to perform accordingly each day with the Christ child without letting him/her know about the person know who is his/her Santa. The game started on 17th December and particularly the girls were more excited for the day. Chits were being passed in the entire class among the students and so on the days passed.Students took the help of the faculty,the guards and other fellow students to make their Christ child receive their gifts. Soon the game came to an end and everybody was excited to know their Santa & Some students guessed out their Santa.Everybody hugged each other after knowing their Santa and the game ended on a happy note.  

Pallavi Mittal
BBA Batch(2012-15)
Millennium School of Business

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