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Innovation time for students at MSOB:Time to think out of the box

by MSOB 8. January 2013 10:49

Recently during our presentation class for BBA at our institute Millennium School of Business a new game was initiated by our ma’am Ms.Shweta Hora to test the innovative capabilities of each student.In this game the class was divided into 4 groups in which each group was supposed to invent a new product.The products could possess any feature the students in each group wanted.So first was the group“PAAN” which had  Aditya, Prateek,Arun,Nitesh as their candidates.They invented a “WATCH” which solved the purpose of internet,phone and 3-D.So it was a three in one watch.The watch could serve the internet features like surfing websites, wifi,3-D features like projector and lastly it had phone features like sim card system,MP3 player,dual battery system and charging point.The price of each watch was estimated to be Rs.2,20,000.The total capital invested was Rs.1,00,00,000 in which each partner initiated Rs.25,00,000.The product was decided to be marketed in 4 metropolitan cities of india-Delhi, Kolkata,Chennai,Mumbai.Each state was availed with 100 watches for sales.This product was suitable for teenager kids and all other people who love gadgets and are gadgets edicted.

The second group was the group of 4 girls Ashi,Vidushi,Anusha and Prabhleen  named “GIRL POWER” who invented“SAFETY JEWELLERY SET”. As the molestation cases are constantly increasing with women so this was particularly for females who felt unsafe whenever they are out of their house.This set had 3 parts-“Bracelet,Necklace and Broach”,Bracelet featured a knife for self defense whenever needed,then was the necklace which had a camera in it,and lastly was the broach which had sensors in it.The necklace had a button which when pressed activated the sensors.Along with all the above features the accessories had GPRS feature which got activated on pressing a button in bracelet.This set would be provided by the government.This was only for the girls who were not involved in any criminal case.This was provided for free of cost for the girls who were below poverty line.Thirdly was group of Chirag, Ashish, Amit who invented Eyeshades which featured Internet,Camera,GPRS navigation,Headphones, Calling fearture.The GPRS system would guide the person about the way they are heading.This was amounted for Rs.50,000 and was suitable for teenagers who are always around gadgets and they don’t prefer to carry too many gadgets with them so this is a eyeshades which had all in one features.So that was all we did in the innovation class in which each group showed their thinking capabilities and the requirement of the present generation.Hope each student is able to invent his desired products in the future. 

Good Innovations by the BBA students. Keep up the good work !!

Pallavi Mittal
Millennium School of Business
BBA Batch(2012-2015)

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