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What the managers of today must know about communication?

by Sameeksha Khanna 12. January 2012 02:52

When managers talk about communication, it just not the telephonic calls and few mails exchanged, but also how they connect to their employees, clients, competitors and all those who are directly connected with them in terms of management. If their communication skills are substandard or ineffective, there can be more losses than benefits that they make or the company.

 In such a scenario it becomes crucial for the managers of today to be updated in terms of effective communication, be it virtual or in person. Every mail, conversation and negotiation that they conduct is crucial in corporate world.

When effective communication is concerned, it is important that you as a manager are well articulate and express your feelings effectually. While this does not imply being overly sensitive or loaded with heavy vocabulary, but entails the right way of delivering the words and content in a conversation and the message that needs to be conveyed. For this you might even have to place yourself in the other person’s shoes and empathise many times. The attitude and the way a conversation is conducted can have a great effect on others and hence it is important that the conversations held are clear, precise yet meaningful.

Further, whenever you are engaged in an interpersonal communication process, it is vital you pay attention. Being pre-occupied or acting distracted kills the effect that the conversation might have otherwise had on the other person. Undivided attention is what you need to provide others with when they are discussing important matters. Further, you should not only talk well, but should also allow others to present their point with as much respect. This adds to the reputation of being a better listener. A manager, who pays attention, responds at right places, paraphrases the key points to get a clearer picture and discusses relatively, never fails. This might take a lot of effort initially, but is an essential quality for good managers. Remember, the discussions can be short if you are time-pressed, but should be worth every minute spent.

Lastly, try not being too quick to evaluate a new idea that is presented to you. Let the discussions carry on and understand the entire concept with its pros and cons. Do not cut short the communication and jump to conclusions if you think the idea doesn’t hold much relevance. Hold yourself until the entire communication is finished and then keep your point forward. This will not only get the respect of being mature but will also establish your reputation as being far-sighted and responsible.


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