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How to Write a Marketing-business Plan that is Powerful

by Sameeksha Khanna 20. April 2012 07:55

Thinking of developing a good marketing program? Well, you would need a successful marketing plan first. While most people make the mistake of building long, tedious and expensive marketing plans, it is usually the simple, well-researched ones create the maximum impact, if implemented effectively. 

When you are charting a marketing plan, remember, no matter what the scope is; it should be a very fluid document. The plan should be made after careful and extensive research; should be well structured and competitive in nature. Most importantly, it should have attainable outcomes. This plan would be foundation for all your activities that you plan for the months ahead. However, it is always better to keep revising, reviewing and enhancing the plan as and when the opportunity or need arises to keep in tune with the results expected. 

Basics of a marketing plan:

Do the market research. Collect and organize all the data available and then consider the market patterns, dynamics as well as seasonality. Know the demographics well and what is that the competition is offering to the customers. Also learn about the benchmarks and current sales of the industry apart from the reliable vendors. 

Find your target markets and plan how to introduce the product to them.

Learn the market needs and plan how to describe the product to the customer you will be catering to. 

Learn about your competition in the market and realize how to beat it. See what the competition has and what you need to excel it. 

Write a mission statement that includes information on your key market, the contribution you are making and the distinction of your product over others of the same kind. 

Pen down the promotion and marketing strategies you would use. You can consider direct marketing, networking, advertising, personal selling, trade shows, press releases, websites or even write articles and give guidance to be established as an expert in the industry. 

Then, it is important to use the information and data you have collected for the right positioning, branding and pricing of the product. Don’t forget to create a budget first. 

Once you introduce the product in the market, monitor your outcomes at regular intervals and always track your sales. 

If you keep these pointers in mind while drafting your marketing plan, there is no way you would fail. Just research well, and stick to the basics, and it will be a success for sure. 


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Sales Manager - Roles and Responsibilities for Growth

by Sameeksha Khanna 23. February 2012 23:52

It is said sometimes that sales is the bulding block of a business. Sales is what gets cash to a company which sustains the operations and through which employees are paid. It be insurance companies, IT, banking , finance and latest internet, all need sales. As Business School graduates most of graduates get opportunities which have atleast something to do with sales, so its very mportant to know the expectation from sales manager

A career in sales is said to really beleived to be a very daunting task for any indivisual though the growth opportunities could be endless. There are huge career scopes in sales and marketing jobs in different sectors, including manufacturing, finance, retail and pharmaceutical sectors. Among all the types of jobs in sales and marketing, the jobs of a marketing manager sales are regarded as the most challenging and glorious jobs in the field of marketing and sales. Nowadays services based companies feel the necessity of employing various marketing professionals or sales marketing manager for increasing their product sales and marketing management.

Sales management is regarded as a very vital component in a marketing management procedure. It actually converts different marketing plans into the marketing performances. Proper sales management is the backbone of a good marketing management procedure. The sales marketing manager in a company has to plan and control the selling attempt of a company. His task does not end with the success of target sales quotas. He is totally liable for bringing the ultimate profits in a business. In addition to that, he at the same time responsible to create a good and reputed image of the company and its services and products. In other words a modern sales marketing manager has to handle the total marketing jobs rather than only selling products.

A sales marketing manager handles the four major areas that include marketing sales, advertising, product promotion and evaluation of business data. He has a responsibility for building the sales organization. He also handles all types marketing jobs on behalf of the company that include preparing and implementing various marketing sales plans in association with the sales department of a company. He is also responsible for managing the budget of a marketing department and conducting research on market and portraying specifications for new service or product.

This advice is all well and good but it must not be taken as an excuse to use as much time as you like when doing a job. Service is everything in this day and age and if you can finish a job, complete a task or deliver a product quicker than the competitor next to you then you will create loyalty and have a good reputation. If you mess up by promising something that you can't live up to then don't be surprised when your customers jump ship or the other guy at work gets the promotion.



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Simple & effective marketing tips for Small Businesses

by Sameeksha Khanna 14. February 2012 22:19

As BSchool graduates, a lot of us have an ambition to be a great entrepreneur or to start our own business. If you have a small enterprise, you need not spend a bomb on your marketing. If you know how to cash on the various opportunities that come your way, you can mint more than you expect. There are some very simple tips that rule the business field, if you put them into effect and use them well; there is no stopping the expansion you might face in your career. Some fool-proof ways to promote you services and products without burning your bank accounts are: 

Make sure your business cards are informative. Use specific URLs on your business card’s back side to enable clients to access easy, free and quick information, resources, product demos or tools. You can also add a coupon value to your business card that will give some kind of an incentive to the clients. This will make it beneficiary to have it with them all the time. 

If you don’t use electronic or print invoices, start doing it now. Using invoices to promote the service, brand or company will always be a great touch point for thanking your customers. This will prompt them to learn better about your various other services.  This makes the customers notice what other things you have on offer. 

Try and encourage your customers to give you their email address. If they do, email them your updates, latest services, offers and communicate with them on the virtual mode. If the customers are satisfied, they will forward your mails to others and hence your customer base will also keep increasing. 

Try and insert a thank you note in all your product deliveries. This shows that you appreciate your customers’ orders and makes them feel honored. It also helps in building a long-term relationship. Providing with promotional gifts like pens, key chains and mugs that bear your company name also matters. This keeps reminding them of your services each time they use them. 

Provide them with online offers or coupons. When you add on to your services, update it on your website immediately. Give customers some incentives and allow them to interact.  Give them offers or coupons that give them some discount on your services. This encourages them to invest in your services. 

Give away free samples. This allows them to test your products without having to pay and once satisfied, they come back for more. If the customer likes the product, they would like to pay for the product on sale as well. 

If you use these simple marketing strategies, it will aid your business in growing far better. It will improve your goodwill in the market and customer base as well. 




Top Marketing Tips All Managers Must Know

by Sameeksha Khanna 25. January 2012 06:48

Marketing has become more of an art these days. The better one gets at it, the better are the rewards. Though it is surely becoming more complex with each passing year, but the basic rules of the game still remain the same. It is just the successful application in different scenarios that makes them click and work magically. The managers of today make this simple mistake of overlooking the basics and look at other complex ways to make profits. If don’t realise that if used well, these simple tricks of the trade can do wonders.

The simplest of all tricks is to know the audience well. If the marketers are well aware of the kind of audience they have, they will always have a successful audience. This is so because the needs of the audience, their expectations, and their demands would be better known in advance and hence would be catered well. This would also result in a targeted campaign and would fetch great profits.

Then the marketers need to focus on what they offer. Their marketing offer has to be the main driving force that will fetch profits; therefore it is important that they do a market research prior to launching their offer.

Focus on value rather than price. If the marketers try to beat competition by offering less price, it would eventually lead to low profits and hence losses later on. They should focus on other value additions to the products that would make the price look insignificant, no matter how much.

Further it is crucial for the marketers to run tests before they run their campaign. They can follow the split test that allows them to test two different versions of their product/ offer simultaneously. This is the most common and effective test that they can follow. They can also use various other testing forms in every marketing discipline including the test copy, offers and headlines, direct mails, time of the direct mail drops etc. This can be of great help in improving their performance. 

Marketers should realise that a creative pool of ideas is what that will make them achieve what they wish to. If they work alone, they would be blocking a lot of other ideas that their team members might otherwise generate for the betterment of the campaign. Remember it is always best to do things on your own. Every marketer needs to gain experience and so do you. While you may hire other better experienced people to aid in the process, it pays if you are also actively involved in it.

If these simple tricks of the trade are kept in mind while launching a campaign, there is no stopping the forthcoming success!



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