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What it Needs to be a Successful Entrepreneur

by Sameeksha Khanna 27. September 2011 13:28

Some of the most important traits or characteristics that are needed to start, operate and grow a profitable and successful business are

Do what you enjoy – It is essential that you enjoy what you are doing because it is assumed for sure that your enjoyment is reflected in the success of your business or your apathy leads to a subsequent lack of success! In fact, it has been noted that until you enjoy what you are doing, chances are you will not succeed!

Plan Things Well – Planning is a must! Indeed it is a habit which every businessman should develop, implement and maintain. The act of business planning is very important because it makes you analyze every situation and research on it and try and improve things. 

Remember, its all about the Customer or the Client – You must always keep in mind that your business is all about your customer or client and these are the people who will ultimately decide whether your business goes boom or bust! Therefore, everything you do in business must be customer or client based – including your policies, payment options, promotional campaigns, advertising and even your website!

Promote yourself – Many believe that there will come a time when your business and services will get discovered and be embraced by the masses. But that is really not so! You can’t expect this to happen if the people out there do not know who you are, what you sell and why should they be buying your product or service! So, one of the foremost needs of an entrepreneur is to promote yourself and let people know about what you do and how can you be helpful to them.

Invest in yourself – Top entrepreneurs always keep themselves updated with the latest business and marketing news and usually try to be a part of the leading business clubs and associations. They try and attend marketing seminars, workshops and other relevant training courses. This is in short, investing in yourself because the more you know and are trained, the more efficiently will you be able to work and hence, do things better in less time and with less effort.

Sell benefits – Instead of selling product features, what you should try and sell is the benefits associated with owning and using your products and services. This is exactly what Steve Jobs does. Unlike others, he focuses more on the benefits of the product that he is launching rather than going into the statistics. For example, when he was launching the 30 GB iPod, instead of focusing on the revolutionary technology that it makes use of and mind-numbing statistics, Jobs clearly explained to the audience how exactly will they benefit from it – they would be able to carry 7500 songs, 25000 photos or 75 hours of video!

Stay Organized – Managing your business well is the key to success! You should learn to develop a proper routine and make sure that you accomplish the entire task that has been allotted for the day.

Finally, resist the temptation to work round the clock as is the habit of many young entrepreneurs. Take time off for yourself and learn to have fun too!


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stacie United States
12/15/2011 1:56:02 PM #

very helpful tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur! Businessmen like Warren Buffett, Donald Trump or <a href="http://yurimintskovsky.com">Yuri Mintskovsky</a> also have those traits or characteristics mentioned above! These important qualities helped them have a a profitable and successful business! I really appreciate them!

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