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MAPS Launches Exective MBA - 5 Real Advantages of doing the same

by Sameeksha Khanna 26. December 2011 17:19

The EMBA (Executive Masters of Business Administration) as a strategy and concept was launched in United States back in the Year of 1940. Its was meant to be a mechanism for training senior mnagement to gain MBA as an experince whilst still working for their own corporations. 

An exective MBA is a tailored MBA program for those who are nearly 5-10 years of work experience and are now readying for a new role in the industry presiously served or in a completely new industry.

Here we list down some of the advantages of an executive MBA. all said and done, there are some real advantages of doing it from a really nice place and a brand which could cmplete the story for example at MAPS which had Educomp, one of the top companies in India backing it.

1. The Classes are typcally smaller, smarter and much more mature than the regular MBA course. While an MBA program at a recognised college has 500 students whereas a exec MBA just has 80 students well expericend filling the class.

2. Additionally, instead of networking with a younger traditional MBA crowd of 25-28 year olds with two to four years of work experience, the EMBA only accepts more experienced candidates. Hence, your faculty is made up of a powerful network of senior management, CEOs, CFOs, or Senior VPs of a major companies or start-ups. For example at MAPS, it is Mr Harpreet with expericen in HDFC and the finance sector or Mr Jayaraman who is currently heading the Alumni network of IIMA in Delhi.

3. The EMBA is a very customizable course which can really suit the needs of the experienced lot. The students decide the classes offered. If a class is not offered, the administration will accommodate and provide one if there is enough interest.

4. The Companies recruiting at these colleges tend to pay more weightage to the candidates who have execuitve MBA experience as they are more mature and suited to the MBA lot.

5. Since it is mostly a weekend course, there is generally no compromise on the salary taken home.

All said and done but a person should be really carefull while choosing a college for execuitev MBA. It should have a good brand name like Educomp, faculty from IIMs, FMS adds to brand name and certification for example from IGNOU really help builing the brand in the longer run.


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Deepak India
12/28/2011 11:37:13 AM #

Delhi is an educational hub no doubt. With the growing essence of corporate culture, thanks to NCR & Gurgaon, executive MBA in Delhi is the need of the hour as far as working professionals are concerned. No matter what have you done in your undergraduate academic life, this well - crafted business course is really in sync what business management is all about. A perfect blend of managerial and strategic finesse, the program is truly wonderful for a quick career growth.
A wonderful spot-

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