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Marketing or Sales - Who gets in the Money??

by Sameeksha Khanna 26. December 2011 16:35

Its always been a matter of a debate that whethe ina company, its the sales guys or the marketing guys who get in the moolah.Its always asked who gets more money, its the salesman who meets prospective clients or the marketing who constantly has just one motive to get the brand noticed. Is it the marketing guy who teaches the sales guy how to pitch or the sales guy who finally sells cold ice to the iceman.

In the initial days of the industrial era, it was that the demand always exceeded the supply and so the primary work of the sales guy was to complete the inmplementation or to close the sales process.

However with the industrial revolution, we now have a lot of industries coming up and them needing all kind of celebrities to sell us stuff. Whether Sachin sells you biscuits or Deepika Padunkone sells you digicams, they are just being salesman doing the conventional marketing.

So- Does that mean Sales is obsolete now? Why do experts still give it so much importance then? The reason is simple- Sales without Marketing is not probable in the competitive age- but marketing without sales force is also an uphill task of great deal. But after analysing the differences and changing consumer behaviour- one thing that struck me was: How Industries actually differentiate in importance of Sales and Marketing. An handloom product, the Chinese headsets or watches, or even to a great extent in Apparels and Fashion industry- Sales force matter a lot more. 

As we see from all the examples given above its the sales process and the marketing which at the end of the day gets us the rewards. In the new age or the digital century nothing is independent of each other. Ignoring one for other might just mean a loss of market share to the competitor.



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Vivek Kumar Anand
Vivek Kumar Anand India
12/26/2011 6:23:02 PM #

"To achieve the growth, company needs to focus on marketing or sales?" I have heard the same question thousand times over, and I scratch my head every time wondering what??
The question perplexes me because it makes me wonder why so many otherwise smart businesspeople fail to see that marketing and sales are inexorably linked. You can't focus on one without the other; what's more, they must be tightly integrated and reinforced.
The question arises from the fact that most marketing people dislike salespeople. They don't understand selling and, even worse, have a disdain for it. They build "beautiful and creative" bridges to nowhere. They expend big budgets. They vie for the dubious honor of being named Agency of the Year. They compete to recruit hotshot creative directors. But increasing sales? That's not on their head-in-the-sand radar screens.
If you don't understand sales, if you don't care about sales and if you want to be free to engage in marketing without the accountability of achieving business growth.
That wastes time and money, and it leads businesspeople to believe that marketing doesn't work. And it doesn't when it's not designed to drive sales.

Vivek Kumar Anand
MAPS - (2011-2013)

vimax pills
vimax pills United States
12/28/2011 12:12:47 PM #

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2/2/2012 5:51:29 PM #

As far as sales is concern I should considered that sales and marketing our the two toughest competitor in  todays corporate market.
But we need to understand that there is a THIN difference B/W sales and marketing :-That without marketing sales is not possible, How as earlier products was sold out due to need and wants of the costomer however in present ERA Marketing play emphasise roal for doing sales
Marketing  is used to make effective position in customer mind (in Such realy advertisement customers don't need the certain product however advertisement make them compile to buy that product just because by creating strong positioning in customer's mind  )
Wether sales starts after creating positioning
So for the products existing in today's corporate market MARKETING takes the first positing Instead of SALES

2/2/2012 5:52:02 PM #


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