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Top Marketing Tips All Managers Must Know

by Sameeksha Khanna 25. January 2012 06:48

Marketing has become more of an art these days. The better one gets at it, the better are the rewards. Though it is surely becoming more complex with each passing year, but the basic rules of the game still remain the same. It is just the successful application in different scenarios that makes them click and work magically. The managers of today make this simple mistake of overlooking the basics and look at other complex ways to make profits. If don’t realise that if used well, these simple tricks of the trade can do wonders.

The simplest of all tricks is to know the audience well. If the marketers are well aware of the kind of audience they have, they will always have a successful audience. This is so because the needs of the audience, their expectations, and their demands would be better known in advance and hence would be catered well. This would also result in a targeted campaign and would fetch great profits.

Then the marketers need to focus on what they offer. Their marketing offer has to be the main driving force that will fetch profits; therefore it is important that they do a market research prior to launching their offer.

Focus on value rather than price. If the marketers try to beat competition by offering less price, it would eventually lead to low profits and hence losses later on. They should focus on other value additions to the products that would make the price look insignificant, no matter how much.

Further it is crucial for the marketers to run tests before they run their campaign. They can follow the split test that allows them to test two different versions of their product/ offer simultaneously. This is the most common and effective test that they can follow. They can also use various other testing forms in every marketing discipline including the test copy, offers and headlines, direct mails, time of the direct mail drops etc. This can be of great help in improving their performance. 

Marketers should realise that a creative pool of ideas is what that will make them achieve what they wish to. If they work alone, they would be blocking a lot of other ideas that their team members might otherwise generate for the betterment of the campaign. Remember it is always best to do things on your own. Every marketer needs to gain experience and so do you. While you may hire other better experienced people to aid in the process, it pays if you are also actively involved in it.

If these simple tricks of the trade are kept in mind while launching a campaign, there is no stopping the forthcoming success!



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Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma India
2/2/2012 6:02:26 PM #

I am happy by reading these good ideas our however I have only one doubt reagarding
"Focus on value rather than price".
Can any one make me explaine how it's possible ?
Because for marketers person eassy for focusing in value but we can't forget that price is the main dam factor for selling out the products...
So please Explain.... Smile

Warm Regards
Vishal sharma

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