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Simple & effective marketing tips for Small Businesses

by Sameeksha Khanna 14. February 2012 22:19

As BSchool graduates, a lot of us have an ambition to be a great entrepreneur or to start our own business. If you have a small enterprise, you need not spend a bomb on your marketing. If you know how to cash on the various opportunities that come your way, you can mint more than you expect. There are some very simple tips that rule the business field, if you put them into effect and use them well; there is no stopping the expansion you might face in your career. Some fool-proof ways to promote you services and products without burning your bank accounts are: 

Make sure your business cards are informative. Use specific URLs on your business card’s back side to enable clients to access easy, free and quick information, resources, product demos or tools. You can also add a coupon value to your business card that will give some kind of an incentive to the clients. This will make it beneficiary to have it with them all the time. 

If you don’t use electronic or print invoices, start doing it now. Using invoices to promote the service, brand or company will always be a great touch point for thanking your customers. This will prompt them to learn better about your various other services.  This makes the customers notice what other things you have on offer. 

Try and encourage your customers to give you their email address. If they do, email them your updates, latest services, offers and communicate with them on the virtual mode. If the customers are satisfied, they will forward your mails to others and hence your customer base will also keep increasing. 

Try and insert a thank you note in all your product deliveries. This shows that you appreciate your customers’ orders and makes them feel honored. It also helps in building a long-term relationship. Providing with promotional gifts like pens, key chains and mugs that bear your company name also matters. This keeps reminding them of your services each time they use them. 

Provide them with online offers or coupons. When you add on to your services, update it on your website immediately. Give customers some incentives and allow them to interact.  Give them offers or coupons that give them some discount on your services. This encourages them to invest in your services. 

Give away free samples. This allows them to test your products without having to pay and once satisfied, they come back for more. If the customer likes the product, they would like to pay for the product on sale as well. 

If you use these simple marketing strategies, it will aid your business in growing far better. It will improve your goodwill in the market and customer base as well. 




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