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Silly Marketing Mistakes to look out for

by Sameeksha Khanna 21. February 2012 16:36

It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the consumers when the marketing of any service or product is done. You need to know the exact message you want to deliver, offer you want to make and just the right time of the launch as well to have the maximum impact. There are many times the newcomers in the field of marketing end up making really silly mistakes that cost them their product’s performance and customer loyalty. If proper planning, measurement, evaluation and attention to details are taken care of, these mistakes can be easily avoided. 

When planning a marketing campaign, it is important to take care of the following marketing mistakes:

Even if you have a great place, long list, awesome offer and good marketing, but the timing is absolutely off, there is no way to have fruitful results. It is crucial that the timing is right to compel the customers to buy the product. For instance, there is no point selling ceiling fans to customers in winters, it will apt only when the summers are about to approach.

If you are into direct marketing know that the targeted list has to be reached successfully. Try to test your offer beforehand so that there is expected response from the customers. If you test them, this will optimize the responses too. Measure the effectiveness of the campaign and then act any further. 

Record the results of your tests and see what helps the campaign and what does not. Make sure you improve the quality of the product or service by each test if it lacks any.

While you may have a good offer for your customers, try to make sure you also have a good list to target on. There are different ways to reach different types of consumers across different age groups. Reach each group in a different way and make the most of the technologies that are now prevailing for the purpose. Understand the buying behaviour of the customers.

Do not rely on a single mode of communication. Reach them virtually as well. Mere calling the customers up or persuading in person hardly helps. Reach them in as many ways as possible. Keep all channels of communication open. 

If you are a fresher at marketing, ensure that you keep these pointers in mind. These will help make your marketing campaign grow stronger and result yielding.  


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