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Sales Manager - Roles and Responsibilities for Growth

by Sameeksha Khanna 23. February 2012 23:52

It is said sometimes that sales is the bulding block of a business. Sales is what gets cash to a company which sustains the operations and through which employees are paid. It be insurance companies, IT, banking , finance and latest internet, all need sales. As Business School graduates most of graduates get opportunities which have atleast something to do with sales, so its very mportant to know the expectation from sales manager

A career in sales is said to really beleived to be a very daunting task for any indivisual though the growth opportunities could be endless. There are huge career scopes in sales and marketing jobs in different sectors, including manufacturing, finance, retail and pharmaceutical sectors. Among all the types of jobs in sales and marketing, the jobs of a marketing manager sales are regarded as the most challenging and glorious jobs in the field of marketing and sales. Nowadays services based companies feel the necessity of employing various marketing professionals or sales marketing manager for increasing their product sales and marketing management.

Sales management is regarded as a very vital component in a marketing management procedure. It actually converts different marketing plans into the marketing performances. Proper sales management is the backbone of a good marketing management procedure. The sales marketing manager in a company has to plan and control the selling attempt of a company. His task does not end with the success of target sales quotas. He is totally liable for bringing the ultimate profits in a business. In addition to that, he at the same time responsible to create a good and reputed image of the company and its services and products. In other words a modern sales marketing manager has to handle the total marketing jobs rather than only selling products.

A sales marketing manager handles the four major areas that include marketing sales, advertising, product promotion and evaluation of business data. He has a responsibility for building the sales organization. He also handles all types marketing jobs on behalf of the company that include preparing and implementing various marketing sales plans in association with the sales department of a company. He is also responsible for managing the budget of a marketing department and conducting research on market and portraying specifications for new service or product.

This advice is all well and good but it must not be taken as an excuse to use as much time as you like when doing a job. Service is everything in this day and age and if you can finish a job, complete a task or deliver a product quicker than the competitor next to you then you will create loyalty and have a good reputation. If you mess up by promising something that you can't live up to then don't be surprised when your customers jump ship or the other guy at work gets the promotion.



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