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How to nail the CAT/MAT exam?

by Sameeksha Khanna 21. May 2012 20:44

Since CAT and also in that prespective MAT is an important exam especially for Indian BSchool Aspirants, it is crucial that you plan for it carefully. Further, it is required that you have a calm and relaxed mind before you take the exam for best results. In order to help you crack the CAT exam without any hassles, here’s help:

1. Get optimum sleep on the exam eve. There is no point cramming at the last minute. If you have spent significant time preparing for the exam, let your mind relax one night before so that you take the exam with a fresh mind. 

2. Ensure you are amply comfortable with computer tutorials. The exam begins with a tutorial on how to take the exam. If you have prepared well, there will be no short- term memory hassles, but still listen carefully. Do not rush through it. Remember, if you panic, you will get further stressed. 

3. Keep moving on with the test, finishing every section one by one, with patience and skill. Do not take too much time on one question, but do not rush too. In order to answer more questions, do not make random guesses. This might lower your score in the end. Skip the ones you are not confident about. 

4. Keep calm and relaxed during the exam. Unnecessary worry will stress you further, thereby lowering your confidence as well as performance. 

5. Waste no time in unnecessary hassles. Listen to the instructions well in advance; do not waste time revisiting the help screen repeatedly. This kills a lot of your time. 

6. Think carefully and answer diligently. Before answering any questions, before cancelling any score or quitting the exam, think twice. Most students do that irrationally, without thinking of the consequences. Think before you take any decision and then carry out the action. One advice: Unless you think there is absolutely no scope of cracking the exam, and you have done it very poorly, do not quit. 

7. Become familiar with the centre. Since you know the testing centre in advance, it is a better idea to figure out how long it takes to reach the centre ahead of time so that you do not run late on the day.  

We at Educomp MAPS wish all the aspirants of the MAT exam about to be held in May. We wish that all you could achieve greater heights in the same exam


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