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Yoga makes headway at MSOB Campus

by MSOB 31. December 2012 10:53

Millennium School of Business initiated a new yoga program for the students of BBA & MBA batches. A yoga instructor has been appointed named Alok Chetan to guide the students.The initial objective of starting the yoga session was to reduce the stress and burden in students regarding studies.On the first day of yoga everyone was full of energy and were looking forward for it.The class started with meditation which prepared everyone’s body for the class.During meditation there was deep silence in the class and everyone could feel a new energy into their bodies.

Students first performed “Taar Aasan” in which one had to stand on the toes and fingers and while constantly looking at one point one had to stretch its entire body in upward direction. This  aasan increased the concentration and was even beneficial to increase the height.Followed by this was “Treek Taar Aasan” which was a part of Taar Aaasan as the name suggests. In this the body had to be stretched sideward. This aasan had the same benefits as Taar Aasan but there is one additional benefit that this aasan helps to reduce the side fat in the body. Followed by this was was “Bramini” in which we had to feel our soul.In this we had to block our ears using fingers and then breathe in and exhale by pronouncing the word “M”. After this we did a bit of power yoga which was beneficial for reducing fat and was a part of aerobics.After this we did a bit of eye exercise which was helpful in reducing the eye stress and even in reducing the head ache.After all these exercises we were given a suggestion by sir to rub the palm and put its heat on eye and the face which gave it a new energy and felt some relaxation in eyes. This was the end of the class and students felt the class to be marvelous.The students were active and we felt refreshing throughout the day. 

Many More sessions to go!!

Pallavi Mittal
BBA Batch(2012-2015)
Millennium School of Business

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